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C and K Components is offering a magnetic detect switch designed specifically for use in telecommunications and enclosure applications.

The miniature, surface-mount RS Series switches each feature a magnetic reed sensor with an omnipolar orientation, allowing them to be operated with either pole of the magnet.

David Webber, director of product management for C and K Components, said: ‘Magnetic switches are typically implemented in the cabinets of rack and panel systems, with access to the fan, server and daughter card via a door or latch.

‘These magnetic detect switches are employed to sense when the cabinet doors are closed, which, in turn, signals the fan to begin operating.

‘The RS Series magnetic detects are particularly suitable for telecom and enclosure applications because of their miniature size, lifespan to one million cycles and rugged design, which allows them to withstand cabinet door slams and misalignment,’ he added.

Along with telecommunications and enclosure applications, the RS Series detect switches are also being implemented in consumer electronics, computers, medical devices, factory automation and security equipment.

Available with top or side actuation, the normally open RS Series magnetic detects feature a contact rating of 5.0VA, with a maximum switching current of 0.35A and a maximum carrying current of 0.5A.

The maximum contact resistance is 200mohm initial and the operating temperature ranges from -40C and +140C.

The RoHS-compliant and -compatible detect switches are available with either gull-wing or J-lead terminations, are pick-and-place compatible and are available in tape and reel packaging.

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