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Able has supplied magnetic level indicators (magnetic level gauges) to a petrochemical project for measuring either hydrocarbon or a hydrocarbon/water mixture.

Quite often these applications include alkaline mixtures that form a major part of natural gas.

The main process parameters when measuring these liquids are usually highly aggressive and under extremely high pressures.

In this case, the specifications were 33MPa (330 bar) at 130C.

According to the pressure-equipment directive, the magnetic-level indicators had to be tested up to 627bar.

The material used to manufacture the level indicators was Hastelloy-C, a high-content nickel alloy that is resistant to corrosive liquids.

The material had to comply with the Norsok-Standard M-601.

This standard includes the welding certification (WPS) to ASME IX / ISO15614-1.

To obtain this certification and start production of the level indicators, various test samples had to be welded and externally tested and approved.

These samples had to undergo tensile and bend trials as well as micro-section and corrosion testing.

Furthermore, both the samples and the actual level indicators were X-rayed and dye-penetration tested.

The entire order handling from first drawings to delivery was managed within nine weeks.

The security and safety requirements of the customer were extremely high with criticality on quality and subsequent testing.

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