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Magnetrol has announce the release of the Thermatel Enhanced Model TA2 air and gas mass flow meter.

All standard input voltages (AC and DC) are accepted and the rotatable housing allows positioning of the display to the customer’s liking.

The display, two lines with 16 characters each, is now backlit, allowing easy reading in bad weather conditions or dark environments.

The four push-button keypad facilitates easy configuration, allowing the customer to make modifications in the field.

The Enhanced Model TA2 can be calibrated for one or two different gases or two completely different ranges, thus also increasing turndown ratio or providing more flexibility.

By updating the sensors and sensor design, higher velocities can be measured and a faster response to changing conditions is obtained.

In addition, the new design reduces blockage of flow through the window and reduces orientation sensitivity.

There is also a second optional mA output for temperature or flow.

Using Hart and Pactware is strongly advised, as it is helpful for trending, changing any configuration and use for diagnostic purposes.

The obtained history log is kept in a non-volatile memory so it can be easily retrieved should there be a need.

While this is a SIL 1 device, the Enhanced Model TA2 has a Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) of 88.4 per cent – among the highest for this type of device.

Magnetrol International

Magnetrol is a manufacturer of high quality industrial instrumentation
for level and flow measurement of liquids and gases. The headquarters
and production facility for Europe is located in Zele, Belgium. From
here we serve Europe, Middle-East, India, Africa, Pakistan and CIS
countries. The corporate headquarters are located in Chicago, USA.
Magnetrol is active in the following industries: petrochemical,
chemical, power, water/waste water, pharma, and food & beverage.
Measuring technologies are Guided Wave Radar, Free Space Radar,
Ultrasonic contact and non-contact, Thermal dispersion, Buoyancy,
Mechanicals, RF Capacitance, Magnetic Level Indication and
Magnetostrictive. Magnetrol is ISO 9001 (edition 2000) certified and
complies with various safety and construction standards such as ATEX,
PED, FM/CSA, IBR, Stoomwezen, etc.

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