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Magnetrol has added one universal amplifier with a complete series of application-oriented GWR probes to its Eclipse Model 705.

The Eclipse 705 is a two-wire guided wave radar (GWR) level transmitter that can measure liquid level independent of liquid characteristics.

The Eclipse 705 doesn’t need calibrating.

It offers a broad application coverage, ease of configuration and commissioning and integration without piping changes.

The principle of operation is based on time-of-flight measurement of high frequency pulses sent down a fixed transmission line reflecting off the liquid surface.

Eclipse 705 can run the operational and ESD functions of entire facilities.

Eclipse is one of the safest process level devices on the market.

It has a SFF fraction of > 91 per cent, making it suitable for applications requiring SIL 2 hardware compliance.

Magnetrol will be exhibiting the Eclipse Model 705 at Process Engineering Live, which takes place at Manchester Central on 10 and 11 March 2009.

ProcessEngineering Live! 2009

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