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CAMWorks, a solids-based computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) solution from Geometric, has reduced engineering and CNC programming times for Magnus Hi-Tech Industries, a precision fabricator.

Magnus Hi-Tech provides fabrication solutions for customers in the defence, aerospace and medical fields.

Using advanced sheet-metal fabrication and machining technology, Magnus offers a range of products, including holding brackets, complex components for military simulators, housings, struts, mounting blocks, impellers and military chassis.

The company recently started using the Mazak five-axis CNC milling machine to reduce changeover times and machine downtime and realised that the CAM software being used was not letting it take full advantage of the milling machine.

Magnus decided that it needed an application that was compatible with the Solidworks platform that it uses.

The company selected Geometric’s CAMWorks, which features tools to simplify and automate complex programming tasks, speeding design and programming changes.

Mike Blake, methods engineer and program manager for Magnus, said: ‘CAMWorks’ tight integration with Magnus Hi-Tech’s Solidworks environment facilitates true associative machining, so that any revision to a part design updates the Solidworks solid model as well as the CAMWorks file, permitting CAMWorks to automatically generate the new toolpaths, the tool list and, if required, the fixture modifications as well.

‘This has resulted in time savings on revisions ranging from 20 per cent to 60 per cent,’ he added.

CAMWorks, a Solidworks-certified Gold CAM product that offers knowledge-based feature recognition and associative machining capabilities, is designed to help eliminate the drudgery of CNC programming.

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