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Mahr Federal is to feature its Linear 100 and the 36 B ID/OD indicator gauge at the Westec 2009 Exposition at the Los Angeles Convention Center, CA between 30 March and 2 April 2009.

Mahr Federal recently introduced the Linear 100, a high-precision universal length measuring instrument for rapid internal and external measurements directly on the shop floor.

With a direct measuring range of up to 50mm (2in) and an application range of up to 100mm (4in), the simple design of the Linear 100 makes it possible to carry out measurements quickly and to easily adapt to new measurement tasks.

The compact Linear 100 universal measuring instrument can be used to measure both lengths and diameters.

This allows multifaceted measuring tasks to be accomplished, such as measuring the dimension over two balls on gear ODs.

Key features of the Linear 100 include an adjustable 76 x 76mm (3 x 3in) measuring table for precise measuring position adjustment of the part when measuring ODs, and 4 to 40ozf (1N to 11N) adjustable measuring force that remains virtually constant over the entire measuring range.

For ID measurement, the 100mm (4in) x 185mm (7.3in) worktable allows for precision part positioning for measurement.

The integrated measuring system is based on the Abbe principle (in other words, the measuring arm and reference are in line), which eliminates cosine errors.

Also on display will be the 36 B ID/OD Indicator Gauge, a versatile bench-mounting indicator gage that provides a handy and economical way to measure IDs and ODs on the shop floor.

Available in both T-Plate and V-Plate styles and in two sizes, the 36 B ID/OD Indicator Gauge can measure inside diameters from 0.75in to 9in and outside diameters from 0.25in to 9.5in.

The 36 B comes with either a dial indicator, Maxum III, or uMaxum indicator, and a number of different jaw sets and contacts.

The T-Plate configuration gives a diameter reading directly across the diameter (a third contact may be used as a side-stop or centraliser), while the V-Plate configuration is self-centralising.

Frequently used to inspect parts with odd number lobing conditions, the three ‘V’ jaws measure the distance between the sensitive contact and the chord formed by the two reference contacts.

This measurement bears a direct relationship to the diameter, and compensation is made by a special ratio indicator so diameter is read directly.

Also on display at the Mahr Federal booth will be: surface, contour and form measurement systems; shaft measurement instruments; precision length measurement systems; air gauging; numerous electronic and mechanical gages; and handheld measurement tools.

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