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Recycling specialist Sita UK is using the Mainsaver computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) from Spidex Software to manage engineering maintenance at its 30MW power station on Teesside.

The recently extended Billingham plant, one of Sita’s three energy-from-waste plants in the UK, converts ordinary household and business waste into electricity as part of a multi-site energy recovery operation that collectively produces more than a million megawatt-hours every year.

Mainsaver has been used at the Billingham site for almost nine years.

Previously, the engineering maintenance workload was managed using paper job sheets, a system that, however finely tuned, included an additional administrative burden.

Talking about Mainsaver, Trevor Gowland, maintenance manager, said: ‘Everyone can quickly find the information they need, enter new data and raise work requests.

‘The engineers find it very straightforward – and each workshop has a PC terminal that can give every maintenance technician immediate access to his daily work schedule,’ he added.

A CMMS needs to be simple to use in such an intensive environment.

The nature of the operation requires that the site’s maintenance engineers keep plant downtime to an absolute minimum.

Gowland continued: ‘The energy-from-waste plant is providing local authorities with a waste disposal service that they depend upon.

‘It’s simply not an option for us to sustain major downtime events.

‘If that waste can’t be processed here for any reason, it can potentially cause huge knock-on problems elsewhere.

‘Mainsaver helps us ensure that all our preventative maintenance is managed effectively and that we don’t risk running out of critical spare parts,’ he said.

Sita’s Billingham site is subject to a monthly inspection by the Environment Agency to ensure that all the required processes are being maintained.

These inspections are supplemented by a more comprehensive agency audit annually, as well as an Operator Monitoring Assessment every third year.

‘The inspections and audits require a very high standard of record keeping in respect of our maintenance regime,’ said Gowland.

Thanks to Mainsaver, he added, all the necessary information is readily accessible.

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