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Dust extraction equipment is a key component of surface preparation and finishing machinery.

Wheelabrator Plus, the surface preparation expert, is urging companies to maintain service procedures to reduce or eliminate operator exposure to dust and comply with local exhaust ventilation (LEV) legislation.

In the UK, the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations require companies to maintain LEV systems, including vehicle exhaust, welding fumes and dust extraction.

Employers operating local exhaust ventilation systems are required by law to ensure they are examined and tested every 14 months.

However, as LEV is not defined in Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), confusion may arise over what machinery is covered.

Peter Longstaff, national sales manager, Wheelabrator Plus UK, said: ‘The breakdown of any material into a dust has the potential to be harmful to worker health, but in our industry this danger is ever present as the process forms a natural part of our day-to-day activities.

‘In practice, if a system controls, captures or contains emissions close to source by means of an air stream and conveys the pollutant to a point where it can be safely collected or discharged, then that system should be regarded as LEV.’ All Wheelabrator Plus engineers are trained in LEV legislation.

Wheelabrator offers machines and maintenance services to ensure all machinery complies with LEV legislation such as COSHH.

Specialist knowledge of the legislation is of particular benefit where there is the potential for confusion, for example when trying to determine which checks and maintenance procedures should be applied to machinery parts that serve a dual purpose.

Longstaff added: ‘Maintenance is more than just keeping a machine running.

‘Maintaining the correct performance helps to reduce waste and cut costs, while saving time and energy.

‘Improving the finish on products can promote customer satisfaction and safe and clean equipment must be better for operators.’

Wheelabrator Group, the world leader in surface preparation technology has merged with DISA Group, the biggest name in moulding and casting technology, to form the world’s leading metallic parts improvement company*. The united organisation offers over 200 years expertise and experience, employs 2200 people over 5 continents, has 5 technology centres (France, Germany, Canada, Switzerland and Denmark) and a further 5 manufacturing facilities (India, Czech Republic, China, USA and Poland).

Wheelabrator has a reputation for innovation spanning 100 years and it’s surface preparation equipment is designed to clean, strengthen and polish metallic surfaces. Wheelabrator utilises airblast, wheelblast and vibratory mass finishing technologies to deliver these benefits to customers in over 100 countries and serves such diverse industries as Aerospace, Automotive Energy, Foundry, Medical Components, Rail and Marine.

Wheelabrator Plus is the aftermarket division of Wheelabrator providing spare parts, service and services. Through its services customers are able to extend the life of existing equipment via training, maintenance and equipment modernisation programmes, deferring the need to spend money on new equipment, but still stay ahead of the game in terms of innovation, first class production efficiency, output, environmental responsibility and sustainability.

*Norican Group is the parent company of Wheelabrator and DISA.

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