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Majantys has designed a specific tool for engineers who need to carry out the characterisation of LEDs in various conditions.

The Master4light control unit is a 48 x 36 x 20cm travelling case with all the necessary components for driving the LEDs and measuring their optical properties.

The testing solution integrates an adjustable current-source generator for accurately driving the LEDs.

The current may be continuous or pulsed, with various amplitudes and frequencies.

At the same time the current and the voltage are monitored.

In addition, two thermocouple inputs enable to probe, in real time, the temperature of the light source under evaluation.

The optical parameters are measured using a spectrophotometer connected to an 80mm diameter integrated sphere.

The electronic and optical components are set in the case beneath an interface board.

To start with, the user only sets the LED on top of the sphere port and connects it to the nearest dedicated power outputs.

Then the case connects to an external 9V DC power adapter and a remote PC via one of its USB ports.

Using the USB communication protocol, the solution offers a single Windows graphical user interface for adjusting and monitoring all the LED variables.

The software gives access to the measured spectrum and the colour parameters such as the colour coordinates.

The Master4light is dedicated to the diagnostic and the characterisation of LEDs’ optical properties while controlling its driving parameters.

The applications include component sourcing, product evaluation and quality control in laboratory as well as industrial environment.

The solution is compact and ruggedised enough for operating it in situ.

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