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Majantys has released a new version of its miniature spectrophotometer, Probe 4 Light, which is designed for the characterisation of light sources and features an optical resolution down to 5nm.

Probe 4 Light has a miniaturised, ruggedised grating sensor for spectral and colour-parameter measurements over the visible spectrum 380-780nm.

Initially designed with an optical resolution of 10nm, the device is available with a 5nm FWHM optical resolution.

The wavelength accuracy remains unchanged at 0.5nm over the full spectral measurement range.

Using the Probe 4 Light with a 5nm resolution yields colour results with high accuracy, whatever the light-source spectra.

The device interface is USB and may connect any compatible PC with Windows operating systems.

The solution is delivered with its dedicated software and various options, including measurement heads, are available to match any customer applications.

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