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Malvern Instruments and Kaiser Optical Systems have announced a collaboration to develop an advanced range of Raman microscopes.

Malvern Instruments will integrate Kaiser RamanRXN system analysers and probes into its Morphologi platform.

The Morphologi’s automated image analysis will then intelligently target and guide the collection of Raman data on a range of particulate and solid materials.

Used in conjunction with Isys, Malvern’s chemical-imaging software, this approach has many varied applications.

The initial focus will be on pharmaceutical, life science and forensic applications.

Here, sophisticated sample and particle handling, automated image recognition and chemical characterisation combine to move Raman spectroscopy to a new level of intelligence and automation.

These combinations will enable this intelligent, targeted and statistically robust approach to performing Raman microscopy on a variety of spatially and chemically complex samples, according to Malvern.

Kaiser Optical Systems manufactures and supplies holographic optics and Raman spectroscopy platforms for a variety of laboratory and industrial process applications.

As a direct result of this collaboration, the company will distribute an exclusive version of Malvern’s Isys data processing and analysis software, and a new system control software platform specifically developed for its Raman Microprobe and Phat-enabled Raman Workstation range.

As part of the process of bringing the resulting products to market, both companies will be seeking the involvement of potential customers at the final stages of product development and for beta evaluations later this year.

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