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The Zen1010 high-concentration zeta potential cell for the Zetasizer Nano particle characterisation system from Malvern Instruments enables measurement in samples of up to 40 per cent w/v.

The design, which incorporates a reduced optical path length, can typically provide three times the concentration measurement ability of standard cells for a particular sample.

Suitable for measurement in aqueous media, the new cell takes a 150ml sample in the measurement area.

As a consequence of the reduced optical path and reduced measurement volume area, there is less heat generation than in conventional cells, making the Zen1010 suitable for delicate samples, including biological materials such as proteins.

Although it operates like a standard cell on the Zetasizer Nano, the Zen1010 allows zeta potential measurements in highly concentrated samples.

By requiring less sample dilution, it supports the improved maintenance of the pH and chemical structure of the sample for more directly relevant zeta potential measurement.

This is important in many colloidal materials, where measuring the sample in its native state avoids the need for the often-complicated centrifugation and dilution procedures needed to maintain sample integrity.

While the Zen1010 is designed to offer the maximum concentration zeta potential measurement capability with a laser doppler electrophoresis technique, it also offers stability for lower concentration samples, according to the company.

Its minimal sample volume requirements and small capillary are also beneficial for measuring samples with high conductivity.

The reusable high-concentration zeta potential cell is compatible with the existing Zetasizer Nano system and accessory range.

Malvern Instruments

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