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Malvern Instruments has launched Malvern Link II, an OPC-standardised software package that simplifies the integration of analytical devices with expert control systems in manufacturing processes.

Suitable for system integration engineers, Malvern Link II promotes the development of future-proof control solutions, reducing the cost of upgrades and future maintenance.

According to the company, OPC promotes open connectivity via open standards.

Using the latest OPC protocol, Malvern Link II is said to transform analyser integration for automated control from being a costly, bespoke task for each individual plant to a more rapid, routine and cost-effective procedure.

Malvern Link II delivers a single interface for remote control and reporting and its building-block concept enables the multiple and unlimited configuration of automation devices and analysers, including Malvern’s range of particle characterisation systems.

The software package is fully compliant with pharmaceutical industry requirements.

The company claims that inline and online analysers only fulfil their ultimate potential when used for automated control.

Automatically driving the plant using a multivariate model that gathers information from all relevant sources is the benchmark for optimal operation, added Malvern.

While many instrument manufacturers have developed customised solutions to link their products with existing control systems, these often use non-standard proprietary software drivers that do not share a common platform.

This approach discourages integration with other systems, leading to the formation of unconnected ‘data islands’ – real-time information streams that are not connected.

Using Malvern Link II, developing control architectures that can acquire and use data, not only from Malvern systems but also from other analysers, eliminates the need for multiple dedicated solutions.

With a drag-and-drop tool that allows the sequencing of many standard operating procedures, Malvern Link II can be used to create limitless process scenarios with the fully customised presentation of data and live displays.

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