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Malvern’s consultancy service, which involves the use of the Insitec Voyager mobile online particle size analyser, allows clients to examine the implications of implementing real-time process control.

The five-day consultancy is run by a process expert from Malvern at the client’s own site using the Insitec Voyager system.

The key objectives are to establish the suitability of laser diffraction particle size analysis for the specific application and to quantify the potential benefits of installing a permanent online system.

Rob Norris, business manager for process systems at Malvern Instruments, said: ‘This approach, with its upfront engineering, not only streamlines later commissioning, process qualification and validation, it also supports project justification and minimises unknowns.

‘Consequently, it is proving to be a very cost-effective way for companies to demonstrate how continuous real-time particle sizing can benefit their plant operations,’ he added.

An onsite trial, delivering data over several days, provides new insight into the process and the opportunity to investigate the potential of automated control.

At the same time, it allows practical issues to be addressed, including ease of installation and use; operational reliability; representative sampling; and the comparison of measurements with historical data.

The teams involved can also achieve a greater understanding of process-specific issues, investigate the impact of key variables on plant performance and evaluate options for improved process control.

Specialist support throughout maximises the benefits and productivity of the trial.

Malvern Instruments

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