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Malvern exhibited polymer characterisation tools at this year’s Annual Technical Conference, a polymer industry event held on 1-5 May in Boston, Massachusetts.

Highlights included Viscotek gel permeation chromatography (GPC) systems for measuring polymer architecture and capillary rheometers for determining polymer processing.

The Viscotek TDAmax is a GPC system that incorporates multiple detectors.

The system consists of three complementary components – the Triple or Tetra Detector Array (TDA), the TDAmax integrated solvent and sample delivery module and the Omnisec software.

Its combination of refractive index (RI), viscometer and light-scattering detectors enables the real-time measurement of polymerisation processes for a better understanding of structural and branching behaviours, as well as molecular weight and molecular weight distribution data.

This ability to build a more complete picture of a polymer’s architecture and formation processes enables polymer engineers and scientists to define optimum conditions for production and a better-quality product.

Malvern’s range of capillary rheometers, available as floor-standing or bench-top models, has the capacity to simulate the high-shear-rate conditions of many processing operations, such as injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding.

Using this range, polymer manufacturers can avoid the need to problem solve on the shop floor, saving time and effort.

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