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Malvern Instruments has revealed that Grace Davison Materials and Packaging Technologies is using a rotational rheometer to accelerate the development of new food-grade and industrial sealants.

The rheology of the sealants is a critical attribute for the performance of the package, from food and beverage cans through to 55-gallon drums that require a hermetic seal.

The Malvern rheometer has proven to be a cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-use choice for steady shear and oscillatory testing throughout the product development cycle.

Salvador Crespo, senior research and development chemist at Grace Davison, said: ‘Using the rheometer shortens research times, which is a major gain.

‘The bench-top Malvern data provides predictive modelling of liquid and dry flow properties, which are used as a screen to advance new developments into the pilot testing stages.

‘We can get very close to an optimal formulation through small-scale rheological testing.

‘The rheometer is easy to clean and it is simple to switch between different test types for wet or dry samples, aqueous or solvent-based systems,’ he added.

Grace Davison supplies the industry with both solvent- and water-based can sealants.

The Malvern equipment provides flexibility to develop products within both technology platforms.

The rheometer combines steady shear and oscillatory testing capability with good temperature control.

Measuring viscosity as a function of shear rate, and of temperature, enables Grace Davison to optimise raw material choice and formulation composition to reach performance targets.

Particularly challenging is the development of stable, highly-filled, high-solids dispersions.

Here, degradation studies and analysis of the visco-elastic response as a function of time provide the information to formulate products that maintain stable performance under simulated commercial handling conditions.

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