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Malvern will present laser diffraction and image-analysis technology for detailed particle characterisation at PTXI 2010, which will take place 4-6 May in Rosemont, Illinois.

Malvern’s Mastersizer and Insitec systems both use laser diffraction.

Industrially rugged Insitec systems enable real-time analysis and control, delivering the ability to detect and respond immediately to process and product issues.

The Morphologi G3 complements laser-diffraction measurement.

It is a fully automated microscopy-based image-analysis system that provides precise information about particle shape and size, allowing better control of key product attributes.

The Mastersizer 2000 is the system of choice in many areas, offering a versatile, robust reference solution for laser-diffraction particle-size measurement.

It is fully automated with a broad measurement range (0.02 to 2000 microns).

It features easily interchangeable dispersion units for wet/dry analysis and has a user-configurable software interface.

It is simple to operate and highly productive.

The rugged Insitec systems deliver solutions for real-time particle-size measurement within the process environment.

They are now the standard in many particulate-processing industries.

High measurement rates allow precise monitoring of rapidly changing and high concentration processes with particles in the range of 0.1 to 1000 microns.

Rugged construction and robust technology reflect the exacting demands placed on analytical instrumentation in continuous use, with Atex- and FM-approved and intrinsically safe options available.

The software interface adheres to the OPC standard for analytical devices, simplifying integration.

The fully automated Morphologi G3 offers image analysis-based particle characterisation, delivering particle-size and shape information for both wet and dry samples.

For dry powders, a fully integrated dispersion system reduces sample-preparation times and significantly improves the repeatability of measurements.

Capable of analysing particles from 0.5 to 10000mm, and capturing microscope-quality images of hundreds of thousands of particles in just a few minutes, the Morphologi G3 measures a range of size and shape parameters.

Various software tools, including an interactive scattergram, make it easy to visualise, classify and filter these results, for statistical interrogation of the data.

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