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Manncorp has launched the MC-392LED LED-enabled pick-and-place system, which is said to be suitable for populating extra-long LED panel assemblies in a single pass.

Through the use of the low-cost, optional CT-150 conveyor extension unit, the machine becomes capable of two-stage assembly of oversized LED boards of up to 1.2m (47.25in) long.

It features a dual-head placement rate of 6,400cph and offers reliability in SMD placement.

Other features include balls-screw X-Y drive and closed-loop servo control with linear encoding for placement accuracy of 30um, 3 Sigma.

The 392’s vision system is Cognex-based for ‘on-the-fly’ alignment of any SMD from 0.4 x 0.2mm to 16 x 14mm, including CSPs and uBGAs.

Optional upward-looking vision cameras align components up to 150 x 100mm, including large BGAs and QFPs to 0.3mm (0.012in) lead pitch.

A vision inspection capability allows a camera to selectively check solder paste printing and component placement accuracy.

The MC392LED joins the larger MC-388LED, another Manncorp LED-enabled placer with 192 tape feeder capacity, which enables it to assemble LED panels of up to 1.2m (47.25in) in a single pass without the need for a conveyor extension.

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