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A connector-manufacturing company in Muhldorf, Germany, has selected Stanyl Fortii from DSM for its ODU Modular Attachable Connector Rectangular – Low-Cycle Version (MAC LC).

The ODU MAC LC series is part of an economical modular system that is capable of delivering up to 5,000 mating cycles.

The application requires a high-temperature plastic material suitable for Surface Mount Technology soldering and with excellent electrical properties.

Stefan Franzl, product manager from ODU Steckverbindungssysteme Gmbh, said: ‘Stanyl Fortii was selected because it offers a range of essential characteristics, including excellent electrical properties (CTI-600V), halogen-free flame-retardant V-0 at 0.4mm, excellent processing compared to PPA, including good flow and faster cycle times.’ Stanyl Fortii is designed for reflow soldering supporting SMT and Pin in Paste assemblies.

The MAC ODU is a flexible connector that can carry up to 370 contacts with an applied voltage of 2,500V and 30A.

Its main advantage is that the use of Stanyl Fortii helps to reduce time and cost.

Stanyl Fortii offers high dimensional stability, high stiffness and mechanical strength at elevated temperatures, high melting and glass transition point as well as excellent processability in terms of flow and processing window.

Properties of Stanyl Fortii include its reflow soldering ability, which is better than PPA, very high toughness and pin-retention values that are better than LCPs, stable and fast processing, very good electrical properties (CTI 600V), low moisture uptake and lower corrosion on moulding equipment.

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