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Maple Systems has released two UL-listed touch-screen open-platform HMIs – 7in and 10in high-resolution widescreens – which offer Scada versatility, web-based features and UL certification.

The HMIs run a pre-installed version of Windows CE.

The units are said to be suitable when users need more capability and versatility than a standard HMI but do not need, or have the budget for, a full-scale industrial panel PC.

The 16:9 widescreen high-resolution displays of these new additions offer 30 per cent more viewing area than the 4:3 standard screens of similar size.

That means 30 per cent more room for applications, graphics, text and buttons, and so on.

The clarity of those graphics is augmented by the 800 x 400pixel screen resolution, the 65,000 colours of the LED display, and the RISC processor that handles graphic-rich applications, such as Maple’s Web Studio Scada software.

Windows CE is more affordable and requires less RAM than XP, and so with 128MB of Flash memory and 64MB of DRAM, the 400MHz 32-bit RISC processor ensures quick application response times.

With enhanced connectivity, these open HMIs come with an Ethernet port, USB ports, three serial COM ports, an SD card slot, and an audio jack.

The hardware can be enhanced by connecting an external keyboard, mouse, printer and external speakers.

With their preloaded web browser, Ethernet connectivity and optional Web Studio software, these open HMIs are fully capable of remote data entry, remote monitoring, and scenarios that require support for multiple devices.

The operating system means users have software options beyond the configuration of a standard HMI.

Sleekly designed but durable, the units CE certified, RoHS compliant and UL listed for both Canada and the US.

Because of this durability, these units can withstand operation in temperatures ranging from 0C to 45C and operate in a non-condensing relative humidity range of 10 to 90 per cent.

They can also withstand the rigors of water-jet spraying when properly installed into a Nema4-rated panel.

In addition, the quiet, fan-less models draw 12W of electricity and so produce less heat than a full-scale industrial panel PC.

As a result, they do well in tight spaces or sealed environments where the airflow needed for a panel PC’s cooling fan would be more restrictive.

The lack of a cooling fan eliminates the damaging dust and particulates that would otherwise be drawn into the circuitry.

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