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Mar-Kov Computer Systems has released Recipe Manager Pro 2011, a low-cost version of its formulations and batching software.

Recipe Manager performs formulations, process specification, costing, order entry, batch sheet generation, batch result recording and other functions, including exporting results to Quickbooks.

An addition to the 2011 release of Recipe Manager is standard industry-specific versions of the software for: pharmaceuticals and cosmetics; paint and coatings; chemicals, food and beverage; and feed.

Industry-specific features include improved batch sheet and batch record documents, lot labelling, including HMIS codes and PPE rules as required, nutritional labelling, and industry aggregate calculations such as VOC, non-volatile, pigment/binder and density.

Recipe Manager Pro 2011 also features enhanced lot control and tracing functionality.

Users can record manufacturer, lot, trade name, expiry and other information for raw materials, and trace usage information through to manufactured products.

They can also record test results and approvals for both finished batches and raw materials.

Batch test results are clearly displayed on the batch record document.

With Recipe Manager, users can specify more than a bill of materials – they can specify processing instructions (such as mixing, heating and so on) for operators to follow and sign off on.

These instructions are displayed on an automatically generated batch sheet.

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