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Mar-Kov Computer Systems has released Recipe Manager Pro 2010: a low-cost version of its formulations and batching software.

Recipe Manager Pro 2010 includes a number of new features compared with the previous year’s release.

Users can now create and track manufacturing orders in Recipe Manager and record actual ingredient consumption and bulk production against these orders.

They can also track the ingredient lot numbers used.

Users can print batch sheets for their manufacturing orders and scan them in once they have been completed so that all of the information about a batch is accessible from Recipe Manager.

Recipe Manager Pro now interfaces to Quickbooks; users can import items from Quickbooks for use while developing and costing recipes.

Completed orders can also be exported to Quickbooks.

This will result in more accurate Quickbooks inventory and costing, because Recipe Manager tracks the actual creation and consumption rather than assuming that the quantities consumed were exactly as specified in the bill of materials.

With Recipe Manager, users can specify processing instructions (such as mixing and heating) for their operators to follow and sign off on.

These instructions are displayed on an automatically generated batch sheet.

Other modules from Mar-Kov Computer Systems include Inventory Control, Laboratory Information Management, Manufacturing Execution and Order Fulfillment.

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