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Marantz Business Electronics, in collaboration with Nutek, has introduced its automated optical inspection (AOI) island, providing fully-automatic offline inspection operation.

The Island is configured to save time, cost and complexity, and deliver completely automated PCB handling.

Available on new and existing Ispector models, the technology is equipped to serve multiple lines and eliminate the need for operators to load and unload PCBs.

Fully compatible with the Marantz Catch process control system, the island also removes the need for operators to classify inspection results on the machine, as the repair and traceability software allows post processing of defects.

Users can choose classification on the fly through manual intervention.

The compatible Ispector 350 and 650 AOI system models feature Marantz’s true 24-bit colour imaging technology and 3D Solder Meniscus profiling.

24-bit processing extends the amount of data available per pixel, enhancing defect detection while minimising false alarms.

It discerns subtle changes for improved image clarity, helping to separate components and solder images from the background board or substrate.

The technology is deployed across the Ispector range in conjunction with through-the-lens, dual-on-axis lighting and angled RGB.

Fast, accurate and reliable 3D profiling of Solder Meniscus is achieved with a combination of reflected angle detection and synthesised imaging.

Accurate inspection of joints with nearby tall components and robust detection of failures on large and warped PCBs are also enhanced.

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