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Marktech LED Lighting has introduced the EnergyLED E26 LED light bulb.

This energy-efficient bulb uses just 4.6W to generate 160 lumens of light.

On average, LED bulbs use up to 85 per cent less electricity and last up to 50 times longer than current incandescent lamp offerings.

This E26-based, UL-approved family of LED bulbs are currently available in three white colour temperatures: 2800k warm white, 5200k full spectrum white, and 6000k cool white.

Coloured bulbs include red, green, blue and yellow.

These LED bulbs are engineered to last 50,000 hours.

This extremely long life virtually eliminates maintenance costs, and gives high return on investment, as LED bulbs typically pay for themselves in a period of one to two years.

EnergyLED light bulbs are also environmentally friendly, as they produce far less CO2 than standard incandescent and fluorescent lighting, and disposal is not a concern because the bulbs are lead-free and contain no mercury.

These lights generate very little heat and emit no UV rays, making them suitable for museum applications.

In applications where vibration is a factor in the life of a light bulb, LED lights will not be affected.

These lights are also suitable for store fronts and point-of-purchase displays, where illumination is needed for long hours and may be changed or moved frequently.

Marktech also offers LED replacements for T5, T8 and T9-type lighting.

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