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Marktech Optoelectronics has introduced the MTPS4088MC surface-mount point-source light-emitting diode (LED).

The MTPS4088MC is designed to deliver consistent performance in demanding environments where space constraints are an issue.

The 880nm point-source LED features a 3.5 x 0.94 x 2.2mm package with a flat epoxy lens and a typical power output of 2.0mW.

Developed primarily for optical-encoder, optical-switch, scanning and precision-edge sensing applications, this +/-10 point-source LED utilises an LED die configuration, which provides an unobstructed, radiated-beam pattern by masking the die and relocating the topside electrode.

By eliminating the ‘dark spot’ typically associated with the centre of conventional LEDs, the point-source LED yields good results when used with application-specific optics to obtain the desired radiation pattern characteristics, according to the company.

The device also offers a low thermal coefficient.

In addition to its newest surface-mount package, Marktech offers point-source LEDs in TO-18, TO-46 and Mini Pill packages, with other configurations available.

Marktech’s point-source LEDs come with or without optics to provide the designer with optimum flexibility in sophisticated design efforts, according to the company.

Point-source LEDs supplied with factory optics provide a narrow, near-parallel radiation pattern.

The optical-grade, parabolic glass lens is specifically designed to optimise the effects of the point-source chip.

Devices without optics are supplied with a glass window, allowing the designer to utilise proprietary collimating or other application-specific optics to take full advantage of the undistorted beam.

Pricing for the MTPS4088MC starts at USD8.99 (GBP5.55) for one to 100 pieces.

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