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The HPAT600 is a hand-held PAT measuring 90 x 210 x 54mm, and weighing 600g, including rechargeable batteries.

The HPAT600 offers profitability gains for service companies and productivity gains for health and safety officers, premises and facilities managers and even school caretakers, for example.

Supplied with mains leads and a car charger, it has features such as dual insulation test voltage, user selectable pass levels, easy or fast operating mode, IEC lead test and test data storage for up to 200 appliances – equivalent to a whole day’s testing.

Martindale’s HPAT600 tests both class I and class II appliances and power cords.

It incorporates a 250V insulation tester for sensitive IT equipment and appliances with mains filters.

A 200mA DC continuity test is safe for all appliances and HPAT600 complies with the upcoming revised code of practice for PAT testing.

Offering simulated load test, backlight and test lead null out feature so that users can accurately use their own leads, the HPAT6000 is very competitively priced.

Key features include dual insulation test voltage (the insulation measurement test voltage can be set to either 500 or 250V), and appliance test pass levels that may be user defined.

The HPAT600 can be operated in easy (manual) or fast (automatic) mode.

In manual mode, aimed at the newcomer to PAT testing, a connection diagram for the selected test type is shown on the display.

Each step of a test requires user confirmation by a press of the OK button.

In the automatic mode, for the experienced operator, the HPAT600 will routinely run through a selected test sequence without any further user interaction unless a failure is encountered.

The HPAT600 can also be used to check IEC leads for earth continuity, insulation, and polarity.

It is able to store test data for up to 200 appliances into memory.

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