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Martin’s has moulded an 84in-diameter Music Note Seal for the oil and gas industry.

A 5,000kN (500 tonf) press was used equipped with the following: one single-cavity mould tool; one single-cavity jigsaw tool (for vulcanising joints) and one fork lift.

The seal comprises eight 2.2kg segments; 2.2kg of blanks is cut and each heated for 25min.

Each cured segment is then hand finished and ground, ready for vulcanising.

A base rubber and chemicals are mixed and left to emulsify.

The segments are primed and then painted with the mixture and the join is then cured in the jig.

As the seal size increases, the forklift is used to lift and support the weight of 18kg.

The joins are then hand finished

Martin’s Rubber Company

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