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Dekoron Instrumentation Cables, available from Maser Communications, are used in plants to transmit information between sensors, analysers and control rooms.

Dekoron developments in insulation and shielding provide protection for cables from electronic noise and interference that could interrupt accurate information being transferred through the plant.

Dekoron thermocouple extension cables utilise a solid alloy wire conductor in applications requiring precise temperature measurement and control for process plants.

Dekoron control cables maintain system integrity and durability in challenging environments and applications.

Specialty cables for extreme applications, which include fire resistant, cold weather, dual armour, circuit integrity, armoured fieldbus and zero halogen are also available.

Cables with up to 100 conductors or conductor groups and continuous lengths of 10,000ft can be provided.

All conductor groups can be shielded against electromagnetic interference by the use of shields and drains.

To assure clean and accurate signals back to the control room, aluminum, copper and bronze shields are applied to individual and groupings of cable.

An additional layer of protection armour is added depending on the applications.

This includes served wire armour (SWA) for physical protection where cut through resistance is necessary, and interlock armour (aluminum or galvanised) for mechanical and cable core protection.

Dekabon moisture/chemical barrier is applied to provide chemical, crush and vapour resistance, plus protection against moisture.

The addition of Dekabon ensures cable suitability for direct burial applications and abrasive backfilling.

Paired with a drain wire, Dekabon also acts as an electrostatic shield, which provides protection against lighting.

Thermoset and thermoplastic jackets are used for first and second jackets within the cable.

Jackets can be removed with a nylon ripcord for field stripback and terminations.

All Dekoron cables are subjected to electrical inspection after twisting, bunching, jacketing and armouring.

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