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Megatech is introducing an ultra-fast mass spectrometer for vacuum quality measuring applications.

Designated the Simplicity Solutions 830 VQM System, it is manufactured in the US by Granville Phillips, a division of Brooks Automation.

This versatile system combines high-performance gas analysis technology with the ability to transform complex measurements into virtual instant usable information.

The 830 VQM incorporates the latest state of the art in Mass Separation based on patented electrostatic ion trap technology.

This is much smaller than existing RGA instruments and is claimed to be 15 times faster while requiring five times less power than legacy quadruple or mass sector technologies.

The electrostatic ion trap accurately represents low mass range gases such as helium and hydrogen with no quadruple zero blast issues and its ultra-fast performance advantage increases at lower pressures.

This product has applications mainly in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, but it is suited for areas where manufacturing processes are conducted in a vacuum.

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