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DLog’s mass storage system CFast, with its fast SATA interface, is designed to provide users with greater speed, flexibility, enhanced performance and reliability for use in industrial applications.

DLoG is said to be the first manufacturer to equip a series of it highly configurable industrial PCs with CFast mass storage.

Available in different capacities, this technology will gradually replace CF cards, eliminating bottlenecks in industrial applications with its rapid SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) interface, the company claims.

The CFast cards are already available in the 10in version of the MTC 6 and will shortly be available a with 12in monitor, along with many more optional accessories.

DLoG’s highly flexible industrial computers for mobile and static applications have been designed specifically for demanding environments, offering IP 66 and IP 67.

Impact and vibration resistance test values exceed the military standard MIL 810F sevenfold and terminals have been certified 5M3 according to DIN EN 60721-3-5.

DLoG also offers an optional configurable outdoor solution in the MTC 6 and MPC 6 series, which uses an intelligent touch sensor that can differentiate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ reflections in direct sunlight, while also reducing the total reflection to less than one per cent.

Areas of application: logistics applications – in particular floor conveyors in warehouses, goods distribution centres or harbours; visualisation and control applications on construction and agricultural machinery, trucks, buses and rail vehicles, and in mining.

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