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IEMCA has launched the Master 80 HF hyperflex bar feeder.

The Master 80 HF is said to be ideal for manufacturers that have to change the job more often than once a day, that have to machine a very wide bar range (for example, 15-80mm) including hex and square shapes, or for those looking for a bar feeder that does not require any manual adjustment.

The bar feeder allows changeover in one minute for each possible bar between 15mm and 80mm.

Thanks to its structure, the Master 80 HF is able to operate in this bar range using just one guide channel.

The magazine adjustment is automatic; the front bushing is said to grant best performance on every job, even when machining hexagonal or square bars.

The Master 80 HF bar pusher is very heavy.

It is tightly held by means of mechanical leverage by at least two pairs of rollers with calibrated diameters.

This feature, together with the rigid design, enables manufacturers to work using just one channel when machining bars from 15-80mm.

The design and build of the Master series ensure high levels of torsional and longitudinal rigidity, eliminating vibration.

The front bush accurately guides the bar between the feeder and the lathe, eliminating vibration.

The time needed to replace the two half-bushes is less than 30sec.

The Master HF is equipped with an axial shifting device, allowing quick access to the lathe.

The round section guide channels are fully closed and lubricated and can be completely replaced without tools in less than two minutes.

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