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Master Chemical Europe has introduced the Trim VHP E820 minimal-foam cutting and grinding fluid concentrate.

According to the company, the concentrate does not foam, even at pressures greater than 150bar and when diluted with soft water.

This stable product has been formulated specifically to meet the requirements of European Union manufacturers and does not contain any chlorine, sulphur, boron or formaldehyde donors.

Trim VHP E820 is suitable for the production of aerospace parts – a benefit that is confirmed by Pratt and Whitney approval.

It is also said to be ideal for operations that use high-pressure, high-volume coolant.

It maximises the benefits of through-the-tool coolant delivery systems on vertical and horizontal machining centres and will help achieve the best productivity from creep-feed and Viper grinders, according to Master Chemical.

This clean emulsion reduces carry-off for a low total operating cost and permits fast wetting for lubrication and the corrosion protection of the workpiece.

Compatible with all metals and many non-metallic materials, this new coolant can run at lower concentrations for higher-speed operations where heat removal is a key issue.

Higher concentrations are recommended on soft materials and for lower-speed operations where the friction, reduction and control of built-up edges are critical.

The Coolant Management Company

Master Chemical develops and markets a comprehensive metalworking fluid
programme.  Its products are cutting and grinding fluids, cutting oils,
washing and cleaning compounds and rust preventatives.  They are all
marketed under the brand name, TRIM.

Since 1990 Master Chemical Europe has provided a dedicated sales and
manufacturing service for Europe.  In that time it has also become the
centre of excellence for product development to meet the specific production
needs of European manufacturers.

Its research has led to the introduction of a range of water- and vegetable
ester based formulations that are non-hazardous yet offer superb production

The need for this type of metalworking fluid is driven by EU regulation and
as a result Master Chemical Europe is now the leading manufacturer of
application-specific metalworking fluids.

When used in conjunction with Master Chemical’s trademark coolant management
strategies, these products provide optimum productivity and significant
operating cost reduction.

To provide greater capacity for this work the company recently moved to new
premises that include a laboratory that is three times bigger than its

Master Chemical Europe is now responsible for supporting an ever-expanding
distributor network, extending from Portugal in the south to Russia and
Scandinavia in the north and east.

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