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WNT’s Master-Mill A2780 range now includes milling inserts that are claimed to reduce per-edge prices and increase productivity.

With eight useable edges per insert, the A2780 milling inserts are intended to help drive down the cost per edge for high-performance 45-degree approach milling applications.

With a 15mm edge length, these square inserts are capable of feeding at up to 0.45mm per tooth at depths of cut of up to 6mm, thanks to the insert and seat design that generate a soft cutting action.

This soft cutting action with its low power requirement also makes the Master-Mill A2780 inserts suitable for lower-powered ‘lighter’ machining centres.

This combination of insert and cutter body geometry enables maximum productivity while protecting the machine spindle from vibration and shock during the cutting process, according to the company.

Tony Pennington, managing director of WNT (UK), said: ‘The ability to have eight indexes per insert dramatically reduces the cost per edge and is a feature that will be appreciated by the many small to medium-sized sub-contracting customers that we work closely with.’ Inserts are available in four grades, including three of the new WNT Dragonskin grades, HCN 1235 for the general-purpose machining of steel, HCN 2235 for stainless steel, CWX 3215 for the high-speed machining of cast iron and CWX 1225 for the high-speed machining of steel.

The cutter body is treated with the company’s Highlight coating that protects the body from excessive wear.

Through-tool coolant is also a standard feature, which ensures optimum swarf evacuation and lubrication at the cutting edge to maximise cutting-edge life.

In designing the cutter body, WNT paid close attention to the insert seats, the result being a location that eliminates the requirement for insert shims, further reducing the cost to the user.

As with all ranges within the company’s catalogue, the Master-Mill inserts and cutter bodies are subject to the standard delivery guarantee of before 10:30, six days a week, for any cutting tools ordered before 18:30 the previous working day (or 12:30 if it is a Saturday).

With guaranteed delivery before 10:30, six days a week, for any cutting tools ordered before 18:30 the previous working day (12:30 Saturday), combined with industry-leading technical and customer support, WNT (UK) is the first-choice cutting-tool supplier for the SME engineering manufacturing sector.

The in-depth technical expertise of WNT (UK)'s external and internal technical sales team, who are all apprentice trained with extensive machining experience, provides a valuable tool for its customers. Their role is to deliver major cost savings and productivity gains to WNT (UK)'s customers. Whoever you speak to at WNT (UK) their goal is the same: award-winning customer service.

Behind the people element of WNT (UK) is its Total Tooling concept, which marries optimal service levels with unbeatable product quality a combination that makes a valuable contribution to improving the productivity of its customers. This is backed up by SERVICE², which is the energetic core of the business that moves everything: providing the right tool at the right time for the right application. This includes its Toolomat tool vending system, WNT (UK)'s cost-effective method of providing 24-hour access to tools, seven days a week.

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