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Malvern Instruments is offering the Mastersizer 2000 as a practical solution to the cement industry’s need for reference laboratory particle characterisation systems.

According to the company, the Mastersizer 2000 delivers data that correlates more precisely with the performance of finished cement than traditional Blaine numbers and is also valuable in analysing other important process streams.

An application note, ‘Particle sizing in cement’, describes how the Mastersizer 2000 meets cement industry requirements for reproducibility and flexibility, as well as rapid, automated measurement.

Laser diffraction measures the entire cement particle size distribution, allowing product performance to be precisely specified.

The implementation of the technique in the Mastersizer 2000 laboratory system and in the Malvern Insitec at-line and online systems, simplifies the transfer of knowledge and specifications between the laboratory and manufacturing plant, creating opportunities for process optimisation and economic gain, Malvern said.

The Mastersizer 2000 measures across a broad dynamic range.

It is suitable for analysing the numerous sample types encountered in central research and quality control laboratories, from finished cement of all grades, through to replacement materials such as blast furnace slag and fly ash.

A range of cement dispersion units is available for wet and dry dispersion.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)-driven operation gives excellent repeatability, even for non-expert operators, the company added.

The Mastersizer 2000 is part of Malvern’s complete range of analytical systems for cement manufacture, which includes Insitec at and on-line systems for continuous use within the process environment.

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