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Mate has expanded its Ultraform system with two new options designed to improve the flexibility and efficiency of forming operations.

The Ultraform FX and XT holders can be interchanged with Mate’s Ultraform insert system.

These holders reduce holder complexity for machines with precise stroke control and for machine users who infrequently use – or do not want – length adjustment.

Mate Ultraform FX allows the use of an unlimited number of forming tool inserts with just one holder.

It is suitable for thick-turret presses with precision stroke control, including Amada EM and Finn-Power Emachine turret punch presses.

Mate’s fixed-length forming tool holder lets users take advantage of the machine’s programming capabilities.

Ultraform FX is available in B through E stations and features lubrication grooves and multiple angle settings.

Inserts for the FX holder also interchange with Ultraform and Ultraform XT.

Mate Ultraform XT is suitable for thick-turret presses without precise stroke control or for situations where form tooling changes are desired but tool length adjustment is seldom needed.

Available in B through E stations, length adjustment is said to be simple and quick.

The user loosens the head cap and rotates the punch to the desired length.

Mate Ultraform XT also features grooved guides for enhanced lubrication and multiple angle settings for flexibility.

Inserts for the XT holder also interchange with all Ultraform and Ultraform FX holders.

‘Mate’s Ultraform system is the ideal forming tool system because fabricators may use one holder with a wide variety of special forming inserts – anything from countersinks and continuous beads to formed embosses for logos and branding,’ said John Galich, Mate’s marketing manager.

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