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Mate’s EasyMark five-in-one tooling kit automates metal component identification during the punching process and can be used in five different ways for marking and scribing part surfaces.

EasyMark is a thick-turret application-tooling system for machines without a bottom stroke forming feature.

Using the programming software in a CNC punch press, the tool system can be set up to automatically perform five marking operations: First, it can write numbers, dates and other important identifying information on a part surface using a special marker.

No penetration or metal removal is involved when using the tool in this mode.

The special marker does not dry out for two weeks or more and the marked information is later erasable if desired.

Second, it can etch the sheet-metal surface with permanent marking information in this mode using one of two (120 and 150deg) supplied diamond inserts.

Third, it can cut or scribe protective film on sheet-metal surfaces in this mode using a supplied brass insert to expose localised areas on the part without damaging underlying metal material.

Fourth, it creates cone-shaped indentations (centre point down) on the part surface to locate the part with other components for later assembly.

Finally, it performs high-speed dot-matrix marking in this mode using a supplied carbide insert.

Highly efficient, fast and economical, the Mate EasyMark 5-In-1 tooling kit expands the range of CNC punch presses’ capabilities.

It reduces part labour content by automatically and accurately identifying parts.

The EasyMark kit contains all components and tools for setup into all five marking modes.

These include special A-Station guide and canister, marker pen, one brass, one carbide and two diamond inserts, three types of springs for the diamond and brass inserts, roller ball and blank dies.

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