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Core Capital’s Electronics and Semiconductor Group has announced that Mathstar has prepared its field-programmable object array (FPOA) technology and intellectual property package for purchase.

The Arrix MOA3600 extends the performance of the Arrix MOA2400 and features a more user-friendly tool chain using industry standard, Verilog.

The Arrix MOA3600 technology package includes the alpha release version and the updated tool set that is easier to use and more productive than the previous version.

Mathstar is offering a webinar-based demonstration that enables real-time displays of the updated Arrix MOA3600 design tools.

The webinar is available to parties interested in evaluating the company, its IP and technology.

Additionally, Mathstar has created an online data room containing a large number of detailed architecture, design and application documents to assist prospective buyers in understanding the depth and scope of the technology.

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