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Matrox Graphics has announced multi-projector edge overlap support with the 4.00.02 display driver for Matrox M-Series graphics cards operating under Microsoft Windows 7.

The new Matrox Powerdesk Edge Overlap feature allows M-Series users to adjust the number of overlapping pixels between blending-enabled projectors to create a seamless, unified image.

With edge overlap natively supported at the GPU level and no scaling required, M-Series cards provide excellent image quality for all standard applications – across the entire desktop – for an effective, collaborative work environment, according to the company.

Matrox M-Series cards can be combined with low-cost edge-blending-enabled projectors to provide a cost-effective solution for boardrooms, classrooms, digital signage applications and worship and presentation environments looking to drive seamless digital content on up to eight projectors in a range of configurations.

Wayne Kozuki, product manager for projectors at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, said: ‘The Matrox M-Series’ new edge-overlap functionality works great as a complement to our Mitsubishi 8000 series of edge-blending, dual-lamp projectors.

‘Our integrators can now create a seamless multi-projector image at a lower price point, making this hardware combination from Matrox and Mitsubishi a great value for challenging display projects with challenging budgets,’ he added.

John Meehan, engineering manager at Panasonic Solutions, said: ‘AV professionals and integrators should be eager to add the Matrox M-Series cards to their list of video sources to use when edge blending with Panasonic PT-D6000 Series, PT-DZ8700 Series and PT-DZ12000 Series projectors.

‘The Matrox graphics card’s image-overlap feature, coupled with our projector’s edge-blending and picture-in-picture features, will enable them to easily produce sophisticated yet cost-effective seamless imagery suited for small, medium and even some large-scale projection environments,’ he added.

Ron Berty, business development manager for Matrox, said: ‘Adding edge overlap across the entire M-Series product line allows for content to be seamlessly displayed across two to eight projectors as though it was one seamless image.

‘Seams on both the vertical and horizontal axes can be overlapped easily and effectively with the new driver and, with projectors from Mitsubishi, Panasonic and others adding the blend touch, the resulting image is simply outstanding,’ he added.

The latest addition to the Matrox Powerdesk software suite, Matrox Edge Overlap for M-Series graphics cards creates low-cost multi-projector solutions that avoid the higher costs and complexity associated with ultra-high-end projectors and custom projection hardware and software.

Matrox Edge Overlap on M-Series graphics cards allows users to combine a standard PC with cost-effective projectors to create a seamless, multi-projector solution, according to the company.

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