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The Globalscan automatic vision system with Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) toolkit is being used by fruit-packaging-solutions manufacturer MAF Roda Agrobotic to sort fruit as it moves along a sizer.

The system allows packers to accurately grade fruit according to pre-established quality and colour criteria to meet market requirements.

Processing and packaging costs are reduced as substandard fruit is immediately removed from production batches.

The vision system includes proprietary double-sensor CMOS high-resolution cameras – one colour and one infrared camera per lane, acquisition boards and LED lighting.

20 colour pictures and 20 infrared pictures are taken of each piece of fruit as it moves and rotates forward – covering 100 per cent of its surface.

The vision system can perform optical sizing (equatorial or maximum diameter, volume integration), colour sorting (eight different criteria) and detection of external defects on the fruit.

The images are then processed using the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) toolkit.

Binarisation and blob analysis are used to separate the fruit from its background and to obtain dimensions such as Feret diameters and elongation, for example.

The HLS (Hue, Luminosity, Saturation) colour space conversion and statistical functions are used for colour processing.

Convolutions and custom-designed algorithms recognise stems and cores, and reject fruit with defects on the skin, such as black spots or russet.

The system’s user interface, which includes a 3D display, lets operators adjust quality and sorting parameters in real time and store them for future use.

Globalscan gives production managers the ability to analyse the data gathered from the vision system and generate statistics by producer, orchard or field, species or variety of fruit.

Reports provide metrics on the batch of fruit that is being processed including size, weight, diameter, colour and quality.

Matrox Imaging, a leading developer of component-level solutions, is recognized for providing OEMs and integrators in the manufacturing, medical diagnostic and security industries with innovative yet cost-effective solutions.

Components include cameras, interface boards and processing platforms, all designed to provide optimum price-performance within a common software environment

Specifically designed to decrease development time and costs, Matrox Imaging technology is used by industry leaders in factory automation, process control, electronics and pharmaceutical packaging, semiconductor inspection, robotics, radiology, microscopy, and video surveillance. We ensure that customers stay with us over multiple product generations by consistently meeting their demands for cutting-edge technology, technical consulting services, integration assistance and the highest manufacturing standards.

A world player in imaging, Matrox has offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany, and sales representatives in more than 20 countries. Our proven track record assures customers that we will meet their needs for performance, value and service, now and in the future.

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