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Norton Motorcycles is using a high-efficiency compressor from Mattei to help keep its running costs down.

Distributor Airwise Compressed Air Services recommended Mattei’s Optima 15 variable-speed compressor complete with dryer, filters and receiver.

As part of the agreement, Mattei has allowed Norton Motorcycles to repay for the cost of the compressor during the next three years, to help keep start-up costs low.

Andy Jones, general manager of Mattei, explains: ‘Having a compressor was not an option for the company, it was vital to their operations, so to help with start-up costs and initial capital outlay, we agreed to a special finance deal.

‘In addition, the energy efficiency of the Optima machine also means the company can enjoy low running costs,’ he added.

The compressed air from the Optima 15 is being used on the CNC machines and to power the air tools on the motorbike assembly line.

Due to the machines low noise output, it is located in the workshop, close to the point of use.

Richard Tolson from Airwise Compressed Air Services said: ‘Norton Motorcycles came to us with very specific criteria.

‘The compressor had to be reliable, offer good quality air, low running noise and be energy efficient.

‘This was all to ensure low running and maintenance costs, while providing clean air as it will be used close to the motorcycles.

‘We recommended Mattei’s Optima 15 compressor coupled with dryer and filters to ensure that any traces of water, oil and dirt are removed from the compressed air before it reaches the point of use,’ he added.

Steve Randle from Norton Motorcycles said: ‘With the compressor being situated within the factory, we needed an extremely quiet machine and Mattei’s Optima 15 has delivered on that front.

‘It feeds equipment in the machine shop, which houses the CNC equipment and then also provides air to the rest of the factory, which has air powered work tools throughout.

‘Our plan is to produce around 1,000 motorbikes in the first year, ramping up activity to 4,000 within three to four years, so Mattei’s compressor has been specified to deal with future demand.

‘In addition, to ensure the compressor continues to run reliably for years to come, we are also investing in a regular servicing programme and the first one has just been completed,’ he added.

The Optima range offers stand-alone, air-cooled stationary air compressors, which are powered by a variable-speed electric motor controlled by Mattei’s inverter regulation system.

This system regulates the compressor’s output to the load profile required, providing energy savings of 30 per cent or more of the annual operating costs, when compared to a fixed-speed compressor serving a variable demand, which is standard across the Optima range.

Machines are available in outputs from 11kW to 200kW, with a capacity range from 1.19m3/min to 35.4m3/min (42cfm-1,252cfm).

The Optima Plus includes an integrated refrigerant dryer for a reduction in installation costs and space requirement.

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