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Rotary vane compressor manufacturer Mattei has helped yarn manufacturer Autofil to reduce energy usage in its Nottingham facility by upgrading its compressed air equipment.

Autofil manufactures a range of yarns primarily used for car seating fabrics.

Part of this process involves operation of the dye house to colour the fabrics, which runs 24/7.

The processes within the dye house require compressed air to be provided at a pressure of seven bar.

As compressed air can account for a high proportion of a company’s energy usage, Autofil decided to invest in two energy efficient compressors to help reduce consumption and associated overheads.

The company selected Mattei’s energy efficient Maxima 75 as this equipment is said to have the capability to provide a similar amount of air from a 75kW motor as other manufacturer’s 90kW models.

This reduced input offered savings by minimising power consumption, but still delivering the same levels of compressed air.

Mattei’s Maxima range can provide 1m3/min of compressed air from as little as 5.4kW of electricity.

This demonstrates the benefit to those seeking to improve energy efficiency and reducing costs.

Additional customer benefits include the low operational speed of 1,000rev/min, which helps to extend the life of the compressor.

Autofil also benefited from Mattei’s 10-year unlimited hours’ air-end warranty.

In addition, the company wanted to install equipment with a lower noise output.

Mattei’s Maxima 75 offers a noise level of less than 69dB(A).

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