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Noblegen’s Maximus industrial nitrogen gas generator is designed for the higher flow-rates of nitrogen gas required for soldering and reflow oven applications to reduce oxygen levels.

Large-scale on-site gas generation removes the need for large amounts of cylinder gas and liquid storage and allows the user to generate their own nitrogen without running out or needing ongoing deliveries.

The Maximus generator incorporates a HMI colour touch-screen PLC system driven by the latest Codesys software package.

The screen shows the PSA process, indicates pressures, dew point and oxygen levels as standard and is easy to install, commission, and operate.

With a small footprint and only front access required for basic maintenance, it is an ideal system when only a limited floor space is available.

The system features air inlet pressure and dew point display – should the dew point go outside of the specified setting, the generator will alarm and stop operation.

Receiver and outlet pressure is displayed to give information to the user, as well as the oxygen concentration in ppm or percentage, depending on the system purchased.

Should the purity of gas go outside the limits, the generator will alarm and, if enabled, will stop production.

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