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Maxon Motor has unveiled the Escon 36/2 DC, the first in its range of miniaturised DC servo motor controllers built to offer dynamic, four-quadrant control of brushed DC motors to around 72W, at speeds from 1–150,000rev/min.

The Escon 36/2 DC has a variety of operating modes, including current control and open or closed-loop speed control, in addition to a range of bonus functions, such as speed-ramping capability and the option to enable or disable the power stage depending on the direction of rotation.

Inputs and outputs can be digitally configured, quickly and easily, simply by plugging in to a PC’s USB port and following on-screen instructions.

In addition to mobile and battery-operated applications, the Escon 36/2 DC also has applications in automation, small machine manufacturing and mechatronics.

Key features

  • Measures 55 x 40mm
  • Energy efficiency is 95 per cent
  • No external filters or motor chokes are required
  • Pre-assembled start-up cables are available
  • In-built circuits protect against over current, excess temperature, under and over voltage. Voltage transients and short circuits

maxon motor is the world’s leading supplier of high-precision drive systems.

maxon has earned a reputation for constant innovation and unflinching reliability – seeing the company’s products used by the world’s top engineers in fields as demanding as space exploration, formula 1 racing and sub-sea applications.

The maxon product range is developed on a modular basis, giving literally hundreds of thousands of perfectly compatible motor, gear and controller combinations to suit a huge array of applications. With full customisation possible for almost every product, maxon’s experienced sales engineers are on-hand to assist design engineers select precisely the right solution for their needs.

DC motors with ironless winding and flat motors (up to 500W output power, mechanical and electronic commutation).
Planetary, spur and special gears.
Sensors (encoders, DC tachos, resolvers).
Servo amplifiers, position controllers.
High-tech CIM and MIM components.
Customer specific drive solutions.

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