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Maxsys has revealed that installations of its energy-saving fuel systems have resulted in annual cost savings of more than GBP5m and a yearly CO2 reduction of around 31,000 tonnes.

The company has installed its fuel systems at sites across a range of sectors, helping companies to reduce their consumption of gas or oil.

The use of magnetic fuel treatment technology in the systems enhances combustion in boilers and other heating equipment, producing a cleaner burn.

With more than 230 of the systems already installed, the resulting improvement in energy efficiency has produced carbon savings and has helped businesses to cut costs.

Paul Finnegan, commercial director of Maxsys, said: ‘The Maxsys fuel systems typically provide fuel savings of five per cent, but even small savings can add up to big money.’ Keith Bowden, Maxsys’s technical manager, calculated the savings using data supplied by customers.

He examined the impact on fuel consumption at sites using the company’s fuel systems during April 2004 until the end of this financial year.

Maxsys has provided its fuel systems to Ford, Dow Chemicals, Mondi, Scott Bader and Findus, among others.

Cray Valley, a global resin manufacturer, said that it cut gas consumption at its Grimsby site by eight per cent using the systems, providing project payback in just 18 months.

Meanwhile, the First Milk Cheese Company, a UK dairy farming co-operative, reported a 7.5 per cent reduction in oil consumption at its Haverfordwest creamery; return on investment was achieved in less than a year.

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