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Maxsys fuel systems work by applying a finely calibrated magnetic field to the fuel, be it oil or gas, in a combustion system, such as an industrial boiler, an oven, a dryer, a kiln or a furnace.

The magnetic field aggregates nanoparticles in the fuel, which has two beneficial effects: preventing fouling of the burner exchange surface and enhancing combustion, creating a hotter flame.

As a result of Maxsys’s relationship with Birmingham University and Aston University in the UK, the Maxsys fuel systems technology has undergone detailed research and development.

Dr Sotos Generalis at Aston University has developed a number of techniques that are said to be directly relevant to the Maxsys fuel systems.

His team is further developing the effects of the magnetic field on the stability of shear flow within the system.

The hardware available at Aston, a computational fluid dynamics model, has made it possible to perform steady-state and time-dependent, strongly non-linear numerical simulations of the transition process encountered in shear flows, with or without the inclusion of temperature effects.

Prof Kevin Kendall of Birmingham University said that the research is centred on the investigation of the effects of magnetic fields on nanoparticles suspended in fluids.

Using suspensions of nanoparticles and, in particular, using hematite nanoparticles as a model system, the aggregation behaviour and stability of these suspensions with and without the presence of an applied magnetic field will be investigated via techniques such as dynamic and static light scattering.

The rheological properties of these suspensions and their fouling behaviour will also be studied with and without the presence of applied magnetic fields.

The aim is to better understand the behaviour of nanoparticles, which are present in both the environment and in industrial processes, in the presence of a magnetic field, as it is thought that the magnetic field can help reduce fouling in water pipes and fuel lines.

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