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A Maxsys Newair burner installed at British Bakels has reduced the gas consumption of their steam-raising boiler by 6.58 per cent.

British Bakels supplies ready mixed bespoke ingredient blends.

It uses a seven-year-old gas-fired steam-raising boiler with a steam output of 2600 kg/hr for cooking and also for heating its factory.

Simon Dawson, team leader of engineering at British Bakels, said: ‘We had a survey completed by the Carbon Trust around two years ago and they made some recommendations regarding how we could make a positive impact on our carbon footprint, one of which involved making more efficient use of fuel.

In April 2008 Maxsys began to install a Newair burner that serves the steam-raising boiler at the plant.

Maxsys Fuel Systems improve combustion, and hence lower consumption, by applying a finely calibrated magnetic field directly to the fuel.

There are no moving parts and the units are maintenance-free.

The installation followed a three-month period of data collection from the existing system to monitor gas consumption, with a similar post-installation exercise completed over a period of six weeks.

Dawson said: ‘The results showed that we can expect to achieve a 6.58 per cent reduction in annual gas consumption as a result of installing the Maxsys Fuel System.

‘Our initial projection was for just five per cent with payback achieved in two years.

‘However, because we have exceeded this expectation, we are now confident of seeing a return on our investment in just 14.5 months.’

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