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Mayr Transmissions has introduced the ROBA-DSM torque-measuring shaft coupling for applications such as test stand construction, serial machines and condition monitoring. The system enables the easy condition monitoring of machines and systems and, using the data collected by the coupling, the use of machines can be optimised.

The ROBA-DSM does not require an enclosure and therefore only requires a small installation space. The stator can be mounted in any position on the circumference. When adjusting the stator, large tolerances are permitted in all directions.

The coupling makes use of two separate paths for the transmission of energy to the rotor and the transmission of data to the recipient. Its high bandwidth of 3.5kHz enables it to reliably record fast and dynamic processes.

The preparation of the data on the rotor permits optimum amplification and offset compensation, according to the company.

On the rotor there is a programmable amplifier, which is programmed via the radio interface. In this way, the customer can undertake offset compensation on the rotor even after installation. In addition, the user can adjust the address encoding and radio channel with the aid of software.

Key features and benefits

  • The ROBA-DSM uses an encoded radio system in the 2.4GHz ISM band; no authorisation is required for operation within the EU due to a general approval.
  • The radio connection function can be checked on the receiver via a simple display.
  • Data transmission is bidirectional and each package is acknowledged, meaning quality of the radio connection can be monitored.
  • The receiver reports any malfunctions in the radio connection or missing data from the transmitter.
  • The ROBA-DSM has a high sampling rate and fast radio connection, meaning it achieves good values for jitter (maximum ±68µsec) and delay (typically 2msec).
  • It supplies an output signal of ±10V for the right/left torque, which can be used as the input signal for a PLC.
  • The ROBA-DSM provides a USB interface through which the digital measurement data can be read on any PC or laptop using a standard USB interface.
  • No additional hardware is required for the recording of measurement data; the evaluation of the data can then take place offline using appropriate programs such as Diadem and Excel.
  • Online evaluation is possible, whereby the data is read directly, using Labview for example, and processed in real time.

Mayr Transmissions

Mayr are the first choice for torque limiters, clutches, electromagnetic safety brakes and precision shaft couplings.

Mayr combine more than 110 years of innovation, manufacturing technology and quality control with world-class levels of customer service to ensure we maintain our market leading position.

Torque limiters and friction clutches

  • Backlash free ball indent, magnetic and friction torque limiters for the protection of rotating machinery and other drive systems.
  • Torque range from 0.1 to 100,000Nm.

Electromagnetic safety brakes

  • Single and multi-circuit, holding and dynamic fail-safe brakes with EN81, IP67 and BGV C 1 options.
  • Torque range from 1.1 to 50,000Nm.

Precision shaft couplings

  • Torsionally rigid, backlash-free, flexible shaft couplings in a range of designs including metal disk, carbon spacer, bellows and elastomeric spider.
  • Torque range up to 110,000Nm.

Mayr’s products can be found in many of today’s most demanding of applications including:

  • Stage and theatre
  • Winching and hoisting
  • Water treatment
  • Wind energy
  • Bottling and packaging equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Food processing.

With a huge range of standard products and the ability to design and make application specific designs, you can be sure Mayr will have the perfect product for your equipment. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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