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Mazak has introduced the low-cost Integrex J series of multi-tasking machines for small- to medium-sized subcontracting companies.

‘Done-in-one machining technology is now accessible for any company, irrespective of size, and they can start manufacturing parts faster, more efficiently and more profitably,’ said Tony Saunders, Yamazaki Mazak’s sales director.

The Integrex machines economically produce small batch sizes, adding flexibility to any machine shop.

Integrex J series machines enable customers to reduce the time to machine the first-off component by 64 per cent, when compared with using CNC turning and machining centres to machine the same part.

To achieve this, Integrex J series machines feature a B-axis milling/turning spindle and tool carousel with 20 tools as standard (36/72 as an option).

Integrex J also makes use of the Mazatrol Matrix control system, which simplifies the complex programming tasks through use of the Mazatrol conversational programming techniques.

When compared with ISO programming, the Mazatrol system typically reduces the number of lines of code by 89 per cent.

The Integrex J-200 is being shown at Mach 2010.

This particular machine features a milling (B-axis) 12,000rev/min (7.5kW/49Nm) spindle with a main 5,000rev/min (11kW and 161Nm) spindle; feed rates of 40m/min; an X-axis stroke of 450mm with 50mm of that below the centreline; and a Y-axis stroke of 200mm, giving +/-100 either side of the centreline (Z-axis movement is 550mm).

The B axis fitted to Integrex J series machines has 220deg of movement in 5deg increments, facing the chuck it can position at 30deg above the machine’s central axis and facing away from the chuck it can achieve at 10deg.

With a 200mm chuck and a 500mm maximum machining diameter, the Integrex J-200 has a machining capacity that contradicts the fact that the floorspace requirement is 3 x 2.43m, which, when compared with using conventional turning and machining centres to produce the same work, is a reduction of 56 per cent, according to Mazak.

Yamazaki Mazak Ltd

Yamazaki Mazak is the world’s largest manufacturer of computer controlled (CNC) metal-cutting machines. With over 260 different models, the Mazak product range includes CNC lathes, machining centres, multi-tasking machines and flexible manufacturing systems as well as laser processing machines.

Machine tools are called “Mother Machine” because they relate to the manufacturing of almost every product around us and are very important in supporting the base of “world manufacturing.” Our mission as a machine tool maker is to enrich people’s lives and contribute to society by developing and providing high performance machine tools that can produce high accuracy work in a short time.

We were among the first to start foreign production as a Japanese machine tool maker. Following the establishment of Mazak Corporation in the USA, we expanded our production base worldwide to include the UK, Singapore and China, as well as further expanding our Japanese manufacturing operations. We are the only machine tool maker to have established a global production system. With these local plants, we have been able to provide high quality service and have built strong relationships based on mutual trust with customers from all over the world.

True to the Yamazaki principle of supporting the customer locally, Mazak’s European Manufacturing plant, in Worcester UK, opened in June 1987 and was immediately recognised as the most advanced machine tool manufacturing plant in Europe. The factory has expanded three times since then and now offers over 29,000m2

This is a complete machine tool manufacturing plant. Mazak machines the components that go to make its spindles, turrets, tool magazines and Mazak even manufactures its own sheet metal covers. As with all Mazak manufacturing plants, the most rigorous practices and Kaizen programmes ensure continuous improvement.

Serving all of Europe’s markets, more than 80% of the machine tools built in Worcester are exported from the UK into Europe. More than 17,000 Mazak machines have been manufactured here so far and this number continues to grow every day.

Mazak European Manufacturing Plant is recognised for its factory automation, technology and overall management practices. Selected as one of the “Top Ten Companies in the World” by the Swedish Royal Academy of Science and Technology underscores this worldwide reputation.

As with all Mazak factories, this facility comprises a variety of flexible manufacturing systems, consisting of machining centres, multi-tasking CNC lathes, and a sheet metal FMS – all designed for unmanned operation.

The plant benefits from highly skilled employees who are committed to continuous improvement through the 25 “Kaizen” teams in operation.

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