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McCrometer will demonstrate its advanced differential-pressure V-Cone flowmeter and Wafer-Cone flowmeter solutions, ideal for the measurement of liquid, gas or steam, at ISA Automation Week.

Visitors to Booth 235 will also receive free flowmeter application evaluations from company specialists.

The space-saving V-Cone flowmeter and the scalable Wafer-Cone flowmeter both feature the company’s differential-pressure technology with built-in flow conditioning.

Visitors to McCrometer’s booth will have the opportunity to see model demonstrations and view video flow measurement technology presentations.

These compact flowmeters require straight pipe runs of only 0-3 upstream and 0-1 downstream for accurate measurement, saving installation space/weight while requiring virtually no maintenance and offering long life at low lifecycle costs.

The V-Cone’s self-conditioning design provides a stable flow profile for reliable measurement, featuring an accuracy of +/-0.5 per cent of actual flow and repeatability of +/-0.1 per cent over the entire range.

It is suitable for the measurement of liquid, steam or gas and is available for line sizes from 0.5in (1.3cm) to 120in, with a 10:1 turndown ratio for wide range-ability.

A no-moving-parts design means that the V-Cone provides process and plant engineers with a rugged instrument resulting in a long life (typically exceeding 25 years).

The versatile Wafer-Cone flowmeter is ideal for small line-size processes, delivering excellent accuracy and repeatability for liquid, gas or steam measurement in process and plant operations.

Advanced differential-pressure technology and built-in flow conditioning eliminate the need for the extensive upstream/downstream straight pipe runs required by orifice plates and Venturi tubes.

It can be installed virtually anywhere in a piping system or can be retrofitted into an existing piping layout, resulting in installation flexibility and cost savings in new installations.

The Wafer-Cone’s flexible design allows it to be fitted between two flanges for a more compact installation that can be changed out to accommodate changing flow process requirements or conditions.

Operating over a turndown range of 10:1, the Wafer-Cone is designed for service in small process line sizes from 1in to 6in and is ideal for a range of industrial applications, including conventional natural gas wells, chemical refining, industrial waste treatment and landfill applications.

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