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MCE-5 Development, a provider of variable compression ratio (VCR) technology, has chosen LMS simulation technology to design its MCE-5 engine-block prototype.

VCR technology reduces the fuel consumption of gasoline engines while conforming to stringent emission standards and automotive market demands.

The LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim solution helps MCE-5 Development to create a detailed engine simulation model to better understand and optimise the hydraulic actuation system design, which controls the compression ratio.

The MCE-5 VCR engine block is intended to replace conventional engine blocks.

The LMS Imagine.Lab simulation solution provides MCE-5 Development with the necessary tools to rapidly model and analyse how design changes influence reliability, durability and production costs.

The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of physical prototypes.

Vianney Rabhi, director of strategy and development at MCE-5 Development, said: ‘Indeed, what is crucial for us is to identify and study a VCR mechanism that conforms to VCR engines’ mass production requirements.

‘LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim helps us clarify our project in terms of tangible costs and time saving,’ he added.

The 1D simulation software tool helps MCE-5 Development engineers to optimise the model during the early design stages and assess a variety of subsystems in multiple physical domains.

The communication between component libraries and the accurate modelling of physical phenomena make it possible to design the MCE-5 VCR engine block and its related subsystems on a single platform.

Yves Miehe, thermo-dynamic simulation engineer at MCE-5 Development, said: ‘The solution assists both expert and non-expert users in modelling fluid systems from the functional to the detailed model level.’

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